How Google Is Looking to Transform How We Surf the Web

July 26, 2016

9:00 am

Google has far established itself as a leading company in tech and innovations. And what has helped them remain successful is by using their inventions to make Internet culture easier for consumers.

In their latest announcement released on their company developer blog, Google officials unveiled news of going after native apps and making it easier for consumers to navigate websites during a web surfing session. The company will be providing a technical solution to combatting authentication on websites that disrupt the user experience, with “automatically re-validate the stateless authentication cookie”.

“Service workers are a new technology supported by multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and coming soon to Edge. They allow you to intercept all network requests from your site through a common point of code on the client, without modify the existing pages. This allows you to set up an “2CH worker” for logged in users that can intercept all of the network requests your page is making and perform the token swapping just like mobile apps do.

If your server already has an endpoint used by mobile apps to obtain a new short-lived token, typically using the OAuth protocol. To enable this on the web, that endpoint just needs to be updated to understand when it is being called by a service worker, and then return a new short-lived session cookie formatted in a way that other pages on the site already expect.”

Though this might seem like a small adjustment, it has the potential for a large reach by appealing directly to consumers’ needs.

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