Google Voice Introduces Chrome Browser Extension

January 24, 2010

11:24 pm

Google Voice is a product that lets you manage your multiple phone numbers by giving you the choice of directing your calls where you want them. Example : If you dial my Google Voice number you may get me on my desk or cell phone or even my home depending on the time of the day.  Other benefits are that voice mails left on your Google Voice number get sent to your email address (translation is slightly buggy) You can choose to screen all callers and send free SMS within the US and make low rate International calls. Currently, signups for Google Voice are by invite only.

Late last Friday, Google released a Google Voice browser extension for Google Chrome. Using this extension you can connect calls just by clicking on the browser extension button and Google voice will call both the phones. I tried this by using the extension to call my home from my cellphone. Currently, U.S. calls are free and you only pay your land line charges. This is great for browsing and calling phone numbers you see on the web.

Google Voice Extension for Chrome

Google voice recently introduced a new feature of using Google Voice with your own phone number which lets you get limited features of Google Voice on your own number. TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington was among a few beta users who got the mobile number portability feature.The implications of mobile number portability when Google introduces it to everyone is your primary number is totally under your control and not a telephone provider.

Skype users could use a browser plugin to call any number on a website using Skype. The difference here is that Google voice uses  landlines and not your computer. If you are thinking of changing cell phone providers or your land line that maybe a good time to port your number to Google voice.

Are you using software like – Google Voice, Skype, Gizmo5 ( now acquired by Google) or any other to make your phone lines more efficient?

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Shashi Bellamkonda. He blogs and You can follow him on Twitter at:@shashib

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