Google’s Larry Page, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Among 50 Highest-Rated CEOs

June 10, 2015

11:20 am

What does it take to be considered one of the best CEOs in the country? It seems that we can look to the leaders of some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies. A recent report by jobs review platform Glassdoor looked at the 50 highest-rated CEOs and showed that many of the top leaders hail from tech companies, including Google’s Larry Page, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner, Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen, and Intel Corporation’s Brian M. Krzanich.

The rankings were based entirely on reviews from employees at each of those companies. Pulling together thousands of reviews, Glassdoor was able to determine this year’s highest-rated CEOs. Google’s Page comes in at top, with a 97 percent approval rating, and is joined by NIKE’s Mark G. Parker. Last year, Page came in at 11th place, while Parker wasn’t even ranked. LinkedIn’s Weiner, who placed 1st last year, came in at number 12 this year with a 7 percent drop in approval rating (still great, though!).

Taking a look at all the ranked CEOs, though, there’s a glaring lack of women CEOs. Literally none of the highest-rated CEOs on Glassdoor’s rankings is a woman. Obviously, we can’t be certain whether that can be attributed to the sad fact that women make up a disproportionately lower number of CEO roles or to the even sadder double standard we hold women against, but it’s an interesting point to notice. I mean there definitely isn’t a lack of women in the tech field – here are 50 women just in the Silicon Valley region alone. Furthermore, there’s just an overall lack of diversity among the top CEOs – all these dudes are…well…dudes, and they’re nearly all white. I’m not saying that all these men don’t deserve the title of highest-rated CEO, but surely there are minority CEOs out there doing equally great jobs.

You can heck out the Glassdoor’s 50 highest-rated CEOs below:

Glassdoor 50 Highest-Rated CEOs



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