Gophia Launches to Teach Entrepreneurs Skills They’re Lacking

August 29, 2015

10:00 pm

It’s commonly thought that if you want to have a successful tech startup (or any startup for that matter, because most new businesses have a tech component these days), that you need to come from some kind of technology background. However, three young Canadian entrepreneurs (who are originally from Colombia and Peru) have created a tool to help others who want to start up without any knowledge of coding or programming.

Last month they launched Gophia, an educational platform for entrepreneurs. They plan to offer courses on different topics that would be useful to anyone who wants to start a business but is lacking in a particular skillset.

So far they have one course listed on their site that is available either to rent or to buy. It’s called How To Build A Mobile App Business Without Coding. The next course they plan to launch is on WordPress for Entrepreneurs. Courses are $48 to buy or $12 to rent for 30 days, but since they’re just starting out, the prices could change.

I had a chance to ask co-founder Daniel Perdomo a few questions about what they’ve learned so far in their startup journey, his tricks for work/life balance (however, they’re barely 18–so let’s be real–they should be able to work 24/7 at this point in their lives), and future plans.


What challenges have you faced so far?

Daniel admits that the team has had some trouble staying focused on the problem they are trying to solve and not going off on tangents. He says that his biggest personal challenge, and this seems to be a common one among entrepreneurs, has been learning to delegate–trusting other people with the work rather than trying to do it all himself.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

A lot of people believe that if you’re starting a business you should give up everything else in your life to make it successful. It’s sometimes considered a point of pride for entrepreneurs to talk about how much they work. However Perdomo firmly believes that breaks are necessary.

“I do not agree you need to spend 100% of your time on your startup. I think it is important to manage time on what you should do, study or work. In my opinion it helps me to avoid stressing out and do a better job in my company.”

Gophia just launched, but where do you see it heading in the future?

Perdomo and his team had to learn a lot while starting up. He wishes there had been a platform like his available at the time so that they could have quickly learned the best ways to do things and spent more time focusing on acquiring customers. So it’s no surprise that he hopes for Gophia to be the ultimate toolbox they were lacking.

“We want to be the number one platform for entrepreneurs, where you can learn everything about technological entrepreneurship, including the technical abilities you need, marketing, customer service, etc.”

Lastly, what’s the startup scene like in Alberta, Canada?

“This is a city where many events for technological entrepreneurship happen, where you can easily find partners, investors, advisors. In my city there are many events where you can meet people important to your company, but these events are much more focused on theories of entrepreneurship, that is, market research and stuff, and not focused on building a product.”


Here’s a quick preview of their first course:





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