goTenna Keeps You Connected Without Cell Service

August 10, 2014

12:00 pm

goTenna is a new device that enables you to communicate off the grid. You simply pair your cellular device to the small portable goTenna and you can communicate with others. You don’t need cellular service or wifi to use it.

goTenna is perfect for outdoor situations where you need to get in contact with someone. Ever been hiking, camping, at a music festival or a sports event and needed to reach someone, but there was no cell service? goTenna is the solution for those situations and more.

With this new product, you can send and receive text messages and share your GPS location with those other goTenna users. This makes it easy to be active and stay connected to people nearby.


To use the goTenna, you simply pair your device to it using Bluetooth. Once the device is paired, keep the goTenna within 20 feet in order to stay connected. Then, using the goTenna application, you can send a text or your location to anyone using goTenna who is in range, which varies but can be up to 50 miles.

Messaging with goTenna has various options. You can send a text to an individual or a group, or even broadcast “shout” a message to anyone in range of you. There is also a broadcast message “emergency” that anyone can send. Text messages can be 160 characters.


Not only can you send and receive text messages and share your location, the app also has automatic retry, delivery confirmation, a proximity-based friend map and location pinging, emergency chat, end-to-end encryption, and self-destructing messages – and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. All of these great features make the goTenna a versatile tool.

Using a goTenna is better than a walkie-talkie for several reasons. It integrates with your current mobile device, it supports text messaging so there is no miscommunication, and there is delivery confirmation and message retry. As mentioned above, you can chat with individuals, groups, or anyone in range of your goTenna. And unlike the walkie-talkie, the goTenna hasn’t got a specific channel for connecting and lets you share your location on a map. Priced at just $149.99 it is a valuable buy in that range. You don’t need to worry about online purchase because such products are often powered by specialized VOIP and Telecommunications epayment system which makes buying safe and secure.

Another great benefit of goTenna is that other users can find you easily. When you create your account, you can select two options. Selecting to use your phone number will enable the app to connect to your contact list and allow others to easily connect with you. You could also select a random configuration, for users who might be on an iPod or non-phone device.

No matter how you use it, goTenna is a great way to connect with those near you without needing cellular service or wifi.


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