Never Cut Grocery Coupons Again with Saverr

December 26, 2012

1:00 pm

Growing up, my family’s Sunday ritual was always the same: sleeping in, pancakes, then my mom cutting coupons from the Sunday paper. She seemed to like it: it was a relaxing (albeit tedious) activity. But for me, cutting coupons would be a chore, and Saverr is banking on that.

Saverr is an app that delivers customized coupons to you based on your past purchases. Their selling point is that you don’t need to enter a thing: just take a photo of your receipts, and their technology can recognize which items you buy the most. You can then send coupons to your email.

Groceries account for 13% of a family’s average budget. In a tight economy like we are currently in, people need to find ways to save money anywhere they can,” says CEO Eyal Yair.

Yair’s original idea was to help families comparison shop for groceries, the same way they do for cars or electronics. With a family of five, he was frustrated by how expensive groceries were.

“The amount we were spending on our monthly groceries was getting ridiculous. We were talking and had this ‘Aha!’ moment where we realized there needed to be a better way to figure out how to save money,” he recalls. Living in Israel at the time, Yair moved his family to the United States after getting accepted into TechStars Boston (ranked the #8 top US startup accelerator).

Since they are independent from any one grocery store, they can offer coupons from many different places to help you find the best price – from CVS and Stop & Shop to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. If they could convince these stores to accept digital coupons – saving users the time required to print them – Saverr would doubly deserve their name.

Saverr was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Boston mixer.

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