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3 Services That Help Grow Your Online Retail Business

April 18, 2016

9:00 pm

Brick and mortar storefronts are going out of style. The digital world continues to transform the way business is done, and in this brave new world of digital retail, customers can browse your inventory without getting out of bed. For online retailers, this new area of marketing can make a break a new company. Fortunately for them, this list of helpful services will turn retail visitors into retail buyers in a few clicks of your mouse.

Shopping Carts

One of the big advantages to online retail is the concept of a digital shopping cart. Most web hosting platforms include some version of shopping cart software that allows customers to virtual shop at their leisure. They can add or remove products, change quantities, and even return whenever they like, knowing they only need to login to pick up where they left off. While this technology seems like a given, a digital shopping cart is notably impossible in physical stores.

Most shopping cart software today also includes features like product descriptions, reviews, coupons and added security. This is not only great for the customer, but also provides retailers with built-in marketing efforts. The integration of shopping carts and mobile POS apps is proving to be a big convenience to customers and retailers.

POS Technologies

POS systems are the main tool in saving your business time and money. Flexibility of payment options allows customers to buy when it’s convenient for them. A good online system can track everything, including inventory, transactions, and customer payments, as well as manage refunds and returns. 24/7 access to online data and software means you can manage loyalty programs or run data analysis at whenever you need. Many vendors also include book-keeping systems as part of the POS package.  This will further streamline your operations, freeing up time you can use to focus on marketing and better developing your business.

Online Fax Services

One marketing approach that tends to be overlooked in the digital age is fax services. The ability to send online faxes from websites or email accounts means no more fax machines, paper, toner, or maintenance costs for your office. With a mobile phone, you have the ability to send and receive documents saved on the cloud, even when you’re out of the office. With multiple options when it comes to fax services, you can even choose your own local or toll-free fax number.

In some respects, fax marketing is not entirely dissimilar to email marketing, in that a cloud-based fax service can transmit to thousands of customers through one simple online interface. The content of this fax might contain special coupons, sales events, or promotions not available to other customers, helping you build a mailing list of loyal customers.

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Chris Barry is a freelance writer based in Montreal, Canada. His product reviews and interviews with small and medium-sized business owners have appeared in hundreds of publications, both online and in print. Visit his website.

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