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May 3, 2017

2:20 pm

Flowers are in bloom, pools are starting to open, and students are mustering their last ounce of scholastic energy in an effort to finish up their college degrees. Why yes, it’s that magical time of year when students officially move into the real world – one of paying bills, wearing ill-fitted business suits, and, of course, entry level jobs.

Before the adulting begins, many of these soon-to-be graduates will travel the globe, get some much needed relaxation, and begin searching for internships and jobs. With this in mind, we’ve updated to our graduate gadget gift guide that focuses on future globetrotters, doers, and office dwellers.

Gadgets and Tech Gift Ideas for Recent Graduates

Tech.Co writers have tested a wide range of these products, so we know that graduates of all ages will absolutely love them. From audiophiles to foodies, there is something for everyone in this year’s guide:

SkyBuds – Tech.Co Approved

Skybuds earbuds

Whether your graduate is a thrill seeker, athlete, or simply on the go, SkyBuds offer a high-quality audio experience with a minimal look.

iPhone, Galaxy S8, Pixel, OnePlus 3T -Tech.Co Approved

Android, iOS, something a little different? In college you may not need the latest and greatest smartphone, but in the professional world it certainly helps. Of the current lineup, the Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, and OnePlus 3T are all at the forefront of smartphone tech. For iOS users, you might as well wait just a bit for the 10th anniversary edition that is likely to be released later this year.

ROVA Selfie Drone – Tech.Co Approved


Smartphone selfies are out, drone selfies are in. At CES the world was taken by storm when an onslaught of drones were released with the specific purpose of taking selfies. Designed for close up photos or videos, these drones can automatically follow your graduate, but maybe wait until after the ceremony.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iLife V7 Robot Vacuum

If you thought students didn’t have time, just wait until they become professionals. Help save your graduate time with a robot vacuum cleaner.

Libratone’s Q-Adapt On-Ear Headphones – Tech.Co Approved

Libratone Q-Adapt On-Ear Headphones

We all know the joys of being in an office environment, especially when it involves cubicles. With on-ear headphones like Libratone’s you can block out distracting sounds or let your surroundings in with adjustable noise cancellation. The Q-Adapt are fully wireless, but also include a 3.5mm headphone jack as well. On-ear headphones are also a bit more minimal than your typical over-the-ear ones that end up getting excessively hot.

Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder

Now that your graduate is all grown up, they are going to have a bit more than a 9-5 schedule. With the a smart feeder like Petnet’s they will be able to remotely monitor and ensure their furry little friend is always well fed.

Bamboo Slate – Tech.Co Approved

Bamboo Slate

Designer, writer, or even note-taker, not everything is digital. With the Bamboo Slate you can easily write with a regular pen on a notepad, which can then be digitally converted. For the designer in your life, these drawings can also be converted into illustration files for easy editing, and for handwritten notes, the text can be converted into words (if their handwriting doesn’t suck like mine).

JBL Flip 4 – Tech.Co Approved

jbl flip 4

It’s not just graduation time, it’s also BBQ time! Whether your graduate plans to enjoy the summer or relax indoors, it helps to add some music into the mix. With the JBL Flip 4 you get a small, portable bluetooth speaker that can brave most elements and sounds great too.

Edifier R2000DB Speakers – Tech.Co Approved

Edifier R2000DB

Audiophile? Forget portability, focus on big sound. With the Edifier R2000DB speakers you get high-quality sound, bluetooth connectivity, and a design that meshes well with their post-Ikea furniture.

Hestan Cue Cooking System – Tech.Co Approved

Hestan Cue

Is your graduate a foodie, but not exactly a world-class chef? The slightly pricey Hestan Cue cooking system is designed to teach you how to cook all while preventing you from burning the food at the same time. It’s essentially a virtual cooking class, connected with step-by-step instructions through an app, has smart features to ensure you don’t set off the smoke alarms, and is small enough to stick in their very tiny kitchen.

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