HAKT Radio Is the Free Internet Radio Service You Need

December 16, 2015

9:14 am

In recent decades, with the advent of the television and, later on, gadgets like portable MP3 players, smartphones and tablets, many figured that radio (at least as we knew it) was doomed to disappear. It actually made some sense, because those gadgets offer some features that radio would (and will) not be able to match.

However, this was not the case at all, as radio is still alive and kicking. Surely without less listeners than some decades ago, but the radio is a strong example of survival. It has adapted to the new age of media and technology, especially by using the Internet.

With this, many Internet radio services appeared, which allow people to listen to radio without having to leave their computers, which is especially useful when working. There are many services available, some of which working in several different ways other than the simple “radio streaming“. One of these is HAKT Radio, a free Internet broadcast radio service that connects users to what they want to hear.

HAKT Radio is a very different radio broadcast service than what most people are used to. Contrarily to what usually happens, this service not only connects people to radio stations around the world, it gives them the songs and artists they want to hear, by plugging users into a global hub of streaming radio stations.

Without any cost, wait or ads, this service provides a near demand audio service, therefore being very different from other services like Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music. HAKT Radio works on a very simple principle: on any given moment, at least one of the nearly 100,000 radio stations indexed by the service should be playing a given song, so HAKT Radio fetches the radio stations playing that song and delivers them to the user. If the song is not being played anywhere, then the service provides a list of related songs.

With all this, it is safe to say that HAKT Radio opens up and explores the world of radio in a unique way, which can be somewhat of a revolution. If you are looking for a free and simple way to listen to your favorite tunes, then be sure to give this service a go.

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