Harpoon Launches Financial Planning App for Freelancers

July 28, 2015

12:30 pm

On Tuesday, Harpoon officially launches its web app that helps freelancers keep track of their finances.

Harpoon was founded in 2013 by two freelancers who were having a hard time keeping track of their time,invoicing clients, and knowing how much money they actually had at any given time (i.e. how hard they still had to work to pay the bills).  The founders Ryan Battles and Andy Johnson, were in search of the perfect tool that would show them how they were tracking towards their financial goals. This tool didn’t seem to exist, so like any good entrepreneur, they created their own.

“If you asked me ‘How much money do you want to make?’, my response was usually ‘As much as possible!’ However, I never really knew the financial health of my business with any confidence. I searched for products to change this, but wasn’t happy with any existing solutions.” -Andy Johnson, Co-founder of Harpoon in a statement.

The app will provide freelancers with answers to questions such as:

  •  When do I need to add more projects to my schedule to meet my goals?
  • Is it financially okay for me to take 2 weeks off?
  • Which clients and projects are the most profitable?
  • How much am I really making per hour?

The entire team at Harpoon is made up of freelancers so they know firsthand the primary issues that needed solving. Thanks to  their years of experience, their app offers a lot of features that, while not critical, are still beneficial and help freelancers plan accordingly and feel rewarded for the work they’re doing.

Some features Harpoon offers:

  • Financial Insight Dashboard
  • Project and Revenue Schedule
  • Time-Tracking
  • Invoicing (with online payment support)
  • International Currency Support

harpoon-dashboard-thumb (1)



Pre-launch, Harpoon did months of beta testing with several hundred freelancers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They offer a free 14-day trial, and monthly subscriptions start at as little as $19 per month.


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