HAXLR8R Hardware Accelerator Unveils Third Demo Day Class

December 2, 2013

5:00 pm

On November 21, HAXLR8R, an active hardware accelerator program, announced 10 new customer and prosumer hardware companies during its third demo day in San Francisco. Products from the 10 new hardware companies span werables, gaming, entertainment, and medical device markets.

“This is the third group of hardware startups from HAXLR8R that has benefited from the know-how accumulated during the two years our program has been running,” says Cyril Ebersweiler, co-founder of HAXLR8R. “The companies revealed at Demo Day show how quickly ideas can become functional and beautiful products, manufacturer- and consumer-ready.”

HAXLR8R provides hardware-based startups with the support they need to turn concepts into reality. During the 15-week program, 10 different startups are given access to advice in product design, interactive manufacturing, business, and venture funding.

“The common theme among many of these products is that they are all about improving the human experience, getting technology out of the way and enhancing our ability to connect with other people,” says Sean O’Sullivan, co-founder of HAXLR8R.

HAXLR8R’s third demo day class is:

  • BabyBe: A bionic baby mattress that sends bio-signals of mothers to their premature babies when they are isolated in an incubator; helping to improve their development and health.
  • Curio: An interactive and hackable toy character that interacts with iPads.
  • Dustcloud: An outdoor shooting game that melds online and offline gaming using a digital gun called Dustcloud, paired with a location-based iPhone app and community.
  • Everpurse: A purse that charges smartphones wirelessly. Designed for customers who demand more interconnectivity from the products and brands they love.
  • Notch: A wearable sensor that tracks movement in three dimensions to help sport practitioners, dancers, or anyone who needs to track movement to understand and improve their movement.
  • Palette: A freeform hardware interface that offers consumers hands-on control of their favorite software. Palette assembles a physical user interface to any software by connecting elements like buttons, knobs and sliders.
  • Petcube: A home gadget that makes sure pets will never be lonely again. With Petcube, pet owners can watch, talk and play with their pets from anywhere using their smartphones.
  • Roadie Tuner: A handheld device that automatically tunes and diagnoses any stringed instrument in seconds. Roadie Tuner is a pioneer of the “quantified instrument” movement.
  • Vigo: A wearable device that helps users to avoid dozing off. Vigo monitors blinking patterns in order to detect signs of drowsiness and give users a nudge when they need it.
  • WearPoint: A programmable touch interface for any device that uses Bluetooth low energy, swipes, and clicks for many different controls.

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