5 Innovative Health Technologies That May Save Your Life

January 5, 2016

11:00 am

There are many new health technologies that are just now beginning to allow healthcare professionals to provide more effective treatment methods that are quicker and less expensive. Modern healthcare has been hampered severely because of inadequate innovation caused by the complex nature of the medical ecosystem. However, with all of the new advancements in technology, the healthcare industry has made some much needed improvements.

Here is a list of five of the more recent technological developments in healthcare:

Robotic Surgery Simulator

This technology allows for a surgeon to practice on their technique and gain valuable hours of experience honing their craft without risking any human life. These simulated environments are extremely realistic and will continue to improve over the next several years. This approach to surgical training drastically improves the overall level of proficiency for this particular aspect of the healthcare industry.

Microchips Modeling Clinical Trials

Some of the more innovative technologies now being developed are known as microchip modeling clinical trials, and they are specifically designed to make unnecessary the use of animals in clinical trials in order to gauge the effectiveness of treatment for healthcare patients.

The microchips used for this technology are extremely small and can recreate the interface between organs and capillaries. Medical professionals are now capable of emulating bodily organs by using systems of microchips instead of live animals.

Digestible Sensors

These sensors transmit data about an individual to healthcare specialists in order to help them design the exact type of care a patient needs. Basically, what this means is that an individual would take a sensor pill that does all of the same things a doctor does during a standard physical examination.

These sensors would monitor the various systems within a patient’s body and then transmit the information to where it is needed. Since these tiny devices use an individual’s body as a source of power, they do not require batteries.

Hybrid Operating Rooms

This amazing innovation involves an operating room being equipped with the latest advancements in healthcare technology. These advancements enhance the skills sets of the healthcare specialists providing treatment. These improved technologies include upgraded imaging devices and tools that assist with minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

Cloud-Based Communications

Every aspect of the medical industry will be improved by using the latest technological advancements in communications. However, corporations that need access to various medical products will also benefit substantially from the many new forms of communication.

These advancements will save both lives and money because of the increased speed of information flowing between all of the many types of businesses and organizations that need quick access to vital information.

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