Health Tracking App Nudge Adds Android and Adequate Sleep to its Pudge-Busting Lineup

July 7, 2014

1:30 pm

The Los Angeles-based health startup Nudge understands that being healthy is much more than simply eating right. Good health requires a steady mix of nutrition, exercise, hydration, and adequate sleep.

The team also understands that Android is the favored smartphone worldwide, and that’s why they launched a new Android version of their health tracker app last week.

“We noticed that while the US smartphone market is dominated predominately by Apple, globally Android accounts for roughly 80 percent of the market,” said Nudge cofounder Mac Gambill in a press release. “With the Android version, Nudges expands its reach to millions more individuals who will be able to track and compare their overall health with other people worldwide.”

As I mentioned above, Nudge provides a well-rounded look at your lifestyle and habits to give you a fuller picture of your health. Nudge tracks users’ lifestyle choices including diet intake, level of hydration, minutes of fitness, hours of sleep, and energy level in one easy-to-use dashboard. In its latest Android version, Nudge adds Sleep as Android to the lineup of apps with which it syncs, including Moves, Fitbit, Up by Jawbone, MapMyFitness, Strava, and Runkeeper.

“Sleep as Android integration gives Nudge users the ability to dive deeper into the details of their sleep to improve a vital part of their lifestyle health, while seamlessly keeping track of sleep duration trends in relation to other aspects of their lifestyle over time in Nudge,” said Gambill.

The Nudge team has worked hard to aggregate the perfect snapshot of users’ health. They sifted through peer-reviewed studies along with USDA, WHO, and CDC recommendations to build their algorithm. Using this algorithm, Nudge then indexes data input by users along with data collected from other trackers and wearables in order to create one overall health index called the “Nudge Factor.”

Nudge taps into users’ competitive nature by allowing them to compare themselves to others, regardless of what other tracking platforms are used, as a tool for social accountability, positive reinforcement, and support to help them reach healthier lifestyle goals.

To make the experience even more social, Nudge’s platform has multiple clubs dedicated to specific aspects of health and fitness such as outdoor adventures, recipes, running, stress management, and weight loss.

No more excuses! Check out Nudge here.

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