Helix Sleep: Your Custom-Built Mattress

August 5, 2015

6:00 pm

Helix Sleep will change the way you sleep – for people who don’t get enough sleep at night or can’t find the right mattress, Helix Sleep is a new company that builds individually personalized, custom built mattresses for singles and couples.

“Helix collects individual information on each consumer as he or she goes through our online survey. This information includes physical characteristics which our technology uses to algorithmically map to a generic 3D human body, as well as sleeping preferences, mattress preferences, and personal info,” says Adam Tishman, one of the founders of Helix Sleep.

The survey helps the Helix team determine consumers’ needs based on their cutting-edge research. Survey information includes information about sleeping position, age, sex, height, body type, sleep quality, and more.

Here’s what first time users should know about Helix Sleep:

  • Your Personal Information Determines the Style: “Helix collects individual information on each consumer as he or she goes through the online survey,” says Tishman.
  • Price point is affordable: “Our Queen is priced at $900, most adjustable bed options run in the multiple thousands,” says Tishman of the competition.
  • Refer to friends and get discounts: “We offer a $50 discount to anyone referred by a friend and a $50 digital gift card to the referring friend. Share the love of a personal night’s sleep!” says Tishman.

While there are a number of mattresses that are currently on the market that allow users adjust each side of the bed, Helix Sleep does have a strong competitive advantage.

The key is that we base our designs to optimize for both ideal support and comfort. What initially feels comfortable when you adjust a mattress may actually not be comfortable or healthy in the long term, and we offload that challenging trial period by basing our designs off of actual biomechanical and ergonomic principles,” says Tishman.

 More About the Helix Sleep Team

In addition to Tishman, the team also includes Kristian von Rickenbach and Jerry Lin as co-founders. As of now, mattresses are the only product offering of Helix Sleep, but the team plans to offer other personalized products in the future.

Tishman’s advice to young entrepreneurs are stay focused and don’t slow down when developing your product.

“Focus and organization are key – creating a framework in which to complete progress allows for maximizing learning. Try to find the sweet spot between driving every decision with data while maintaining a fast pace.


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