Here’s How to Get LinkedIn Users to Check Out Your Profile

June 20, 2017

11:30 am

Social media has completely changed the meaning of the word “engagement.” From likes and comments to retweets and mentions, getting noticed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can sometimes feels too good to be true. However, when it comes to actually turning that attention into job offers and pay raises, no platform is better equipped than the one and only LinkedIn. And now, you know how to attract the right kind of people.

Thanks to a new infographic from the professional networking website, users can now hone their strategy for motivating members to engage with their content. By surveying 9,000 LinkedIn users around the world, they were able to glean a number of meaningful insights on how people engagement on LinkedIn, particularly with content.

The study covered a wide range of topics in regards to content engagement on LinkedIn. From the amount of international users (66 percent) to the best sources of content (peers), this survey could completely change the way you try to engage with people on the social networking platform. It will help you figure out the top reasons for engagement (educational/informative) and assist you in nailing down which types of content drive the most engagement (industry news/trends).

As for the titular question, the survey makes it pretty clear. What motivates LinkedIn members to engage with your content? Being inspiring and getting to the point. No one wants to wade through a meaningless introduction when they’re trying to develop themselves professionally, nor do they want to leave uninspired. Be concise and inspiring, and your LinkedIn profile will start blowing up with user engagement, which could lead to the job of your dreams.

Take a look at the rest of the infographic below and get ready to make a huge impact on your LinkedIn followers:

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