Hexsee Makes Online Shopping a Social Experience

September 12, 2015

8:03 pm

We first introduced you to Groupsurfing in September of 2014 at our Tech Cocktail DC Startup Showcase & Mixer. That night they were competing for the title of DC’s Hottest Showcasing Startup. Exactly a year to the day that they first demoed at our event, they launched their first product, Hexsee.

Image Credit: Flickr/Ani-Bee

Hexsee aims at making online shopping a secure social experience. It allows friends, family, whatever network of people you choose, to give opinions on what you’re shopping for. Unlike traditional online shopping where if you want a friend’s opinion you have to send them a link or screenshot, Hexsee allows them to interact with you, in real time, on the site itself.

They are a DC based startup founded by John Page and Angela Hausman, PhD. They are both entrepreneurs who bring decades of experience in business and marketing to the table.

“The company’s first product, hexsee, is free and transforms the way people enjoy the web together.” said John Page, CEO of Groupsurfing, in a statement. “We solved problems that prevent Internet users interacting securely and efficiently that are not addressed by traditional meeting software, screen sharing, or any other available technology. “After seeing the company’s working technology, Bill Belew, educator and author of “Marketing with Social Media”, said “You have a great idea.”

Groupsurfing currently has 62 patents pending on their technology that creates visual layers over the Internet where users and their friends can privately interact directly over content. It uses private pinchats that eliminate cutting and pasting or other cumbersome ways of retrieving content.

This first product is for shopping, but the technology behind it is very versatile. There are plans in the work to use the technology in education, business, and governmental capacities.

Groupsurfing is hosting a launch party on September 29th at UberOffices in Dupont Circle. The party, like the Hexsee app, is free. Tickets are available here.

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