Hidely’s Zero Trace Camera App Aims to Prevent Future iCloud Hacks

October 28, 2014

9:00 am

In light of all the celebrity nude photo hacks (which seem to occur interminably – with a new headline every couple of weeks), greater scrutiny has been shifted on Apple’s iCloud, in particular, and the Cloud space, in general. Is it safe? Can we trust our information to live in the Cloud? Will someone be able to break into our stored photos? One company is tackling these concerns with the release of its new app, Hidely, which claims to be the world’s first zero trace camera and hidden photo gallery.

“We knew there was a need for a totally encrypted and secure place to store personal private photos that would not be vulnerable to the kinds of security breaches we’ve seen happen recently with iCloud and Snapchat,” said Sandra Ponce de Leon, VP Marketing for Lifetime Memori Inc., the makers of Hidely. “People can hack their way into anything that’s widely shared, or stored in an unsecure cloud. That’s the painpoint Hidely tackles.”

Hidely is a new kind of camera app that’s now available for iOS. Photos taken through or stored on Hidely are stored exclusively within the app and are encrypted to protect users from potential Cloud hacks. What this means is that photos leave no trace on your native iOS camera roll; you can even import current photos on your camera roll into Hidely and encrypt those photos, as well. Unlike the camera roll, your Hidely gallery is passcode-protected, giving an additional layer of security for your photos.

And, even though it’s a well-guarded and private app, Hidely has a function that allows users to share photos securely. Photos sent from Hidely are shared via text or email with an included secure link. The link has a set live time of 24 hours, after which the link expires, along with the photos. In order to access these photos, of course, the other party with which you’ve shared the link can only open access the photos through the Hidely app itself (since the photos must be decrypted).

“Our experience with Trunx, and the double encryption method we use to secure our users’ photos, allowed us to quickly iterate and bring this solution to market,” said Ponce de Leon. “Our goal with Hidely is to be the most secure place for your personal photos. Soon we’ll be launching an Android version, and planning for full integration with the Trunx platform, so users have the benefit of infinite, secure storage.”

Lifetime Memori Inc. is previously responsible for creating Trunx, the Cloud-based photo sharing and storage app that will save photos and videos recorded directly onto their Cloud platform. According to the company, they hope to integrate Hidely with the current Trunx platform in order to streamline the user experience and give people the convenience and relief of a safe, secure, Cloud space for their private photos.

Learn more about Hidely.

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