High Tech Gadgets that Make Going Back to School Fun

July 31, 2015

9:00 am

Today’s students don’t need those sagging, overflowing backpacks as tech-savvy students know how to use advanced gadgets in place of them. Check out some of the hot gadgets that will make going back to school fun and trendy.

The Smart Pen

It becomes difficult to frantically jot down notes with a normal pen while your professor continues his discourse. Here is a smart pen, from Livescribe to save you from the trouble. It is a ballpoint pen containing a tiny computer. It also has a microphone and a built-in digital audio recorder.

The pen incredibly records whatever you write on the special paper which you get along with the pen. The pen then synchronizes your notes with the audio it records. So if you want to listen to a past lecture, just tap the particular note with your pen and voila! The lecture comes alive again.

smart pen

Source: http://www.testedtechnology.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/livescribe_echo_smartpen_2.jpg

The smartest E-Reader

School textbooks are limited and perhaps expensive when you buy one after another. The Amazon Kindle comes with a free of charge built-in 3G connection. As a result, you are able to download thousands of books from Amazon.com. Just a onetime investment!

You can even borrow books from the pubic library through your Kindle!


Source: http://img1.digitalversus.com/test/94/9446/kb-slate-04-lg__v325416456_.jpg

Mobile Alarm Clocks

How often do many of us struggle to get up instantly at the tone of our alarm clocks? And when the alarm clock goes off, we seem to go into limbo. The snooze button, which many believe as their best friend, often is the benefactor to their reaching late for class.

In such circumstances, mobile alarm clocks prove handy. They fly or roll around to ensure you get up on time. Hence, you never will get accustomed to lazy mornings. Your mornings will be as fresh as the morning dew. And for the snooze button, it is not included.

So if you are late for a class often due to your habit of hitting the snooze button too often, here is a gadget that you would appreciate. The moving alarm clock is perhaps your best friend and your best bet.

mobile alarm

Source: https://pandoraradio.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/04-alarm_setoff.png

A gamut of apps for your new tablet

Tablets may be smaller than large laptops. However, tablets still provide equal or more number of applications and features that makes your work easy. Regarding the tablet, I leave the decision up to you as per your budget. However, what I want to suggest here are some cool apps that help you crack your next big test.

For instance, let’s know about the FlashCards Plus app. It is an app that gives you a sleek option instead of stacks of paper index cards. Use this app to quiz yourself with the help of fill-in-the-blanks, match the columns, and multiple choice as well as true/false questions; everything via digital flash cards.

flash card app

Source: http://wscont2.apps.microsoft.com/winstore/1x/076edf02-bf21-4f67-acaa-22c20ea5c945/Screenshot.252774.100000.jpg

Another app is The Study Buddy app. It helps you manage your schedule of study sessions.

Do you know of some other apps? Share in the comments.


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