Plans for the Highest Wind Turbine in the World Announced by Altaeros Energies

March 21, 2014

12:50 pm

Altaeros Energies, a wind energy company out of MIT that showcased at our Boston event in the summer of 2010, announced today its plan for the highest wind turbine in the world.

The Altaeros BAT, a $1.3 million project that’s been in operation for 18 months, will reach 1,000 feet above ground – over 275 feet more than the current record holder.

The BAT actually floats in the air thanks to its helium shell, using industrial blimp technology to stay anchored to the ground. That way, it’s able to take advantage of strong and consistent winds at high altitudes.

“The project will generate enough energy to power over a dozen homes,” says CEO Ben Glass. “The BAT can be transported and setup without the need for large cranes, towers, or underground foundations that have hampered past wind projects.”

Altaeros Energies is currently seeking a permit for the BAT for a site south of Fairbanks, Alaska. The BAT could eventually provide energy for remote and island residents; large corporations in oil, mining, and other industries; disaster relief organizations; and military bases.

Founded in 2010 out of MIT, Altaeros Energies is funded by the US Department of Agriculture and National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research programs, the Alaska Energy Authority, the California Energy Commission, the Maine Technology Institute, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. Check out the video:

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