Hire Students for Your Startup on Koofers

September 12, 2013

9:00 am

Yesterday, Blacksburg startup Koofers launched Campus Recruiter to help employers recruit college students and recent graduates.

On Campus Recruiter, you can search their community of students by major, GPA, university, graduation year, or courses. Once you find someone promising, you can send a message and request video responses to interview questions. Students’ profiles are public by default, but only their first names and no contact information is shown.

Koofers started in 2008 to help students pick college classes and do well in them. With features like professor ratings, practice exams, and flashcards, it has attracted around 500,000 monthly users.

The Koofers team got the idea for Campus Recruiter when they needed to hire a programming intern. Instead of scouring job fairs, they realized they could turn to their own platform and search among tens of thousands of computer science students. They ended up emailing hundreds of students and assembling a stellar team of interns that season. In fact, many on the Koofers team are recent college grads.

If you’re on the fence about hiring college students, says cofounder and president Glynn LoPresti, think about it this way: they’re not burdened by conventional thinking, and they’re cheap.

“College students provide the most bang for the buck, and are far more likely to strengthen the dynamic, innovative environment that startups need to thrive,” he says.

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