Hired is Ready to Connect DC’s Tech Talent With Amazing Jobs

July 9, 2015

8:00 am

Tech talent marketplace Hired has just announced its launch into the DC market. Hired is currently the leading online marketplace connecting those seeking jobs in technical fields, with growing companies.

Hired launched in San Francisco in 2012. It began as DeveloperAuction.com with the purpose of doing exactly what the domain suggests–basically to help companies bid on exceptional engineering talent. The founders knew they were on to something when their first auction brought in $30 million in offers on 88 engineers (during Burning Man, no less). Since then they have grown to 110 team members in 11 different markets (London, San Francisco, NYC, Boston, LA, Seattle, Austin, Washington DC, Chicago) and have raised almost $33 million in funding.

When Hired started beta testing in the DC area, they uncovered some interesting and extremely helpful data. They learned that the area ranks highly in Javascript talent, yet the biggest demand is for Ruby engineers, which the DMV seems to be lacking. Having this knowledge of supply and demand when it comes to tech talent helps potential talent develop their skillset and gives companies an idea of what’s out there.

“From corporations to startups, D.C. needs talent with modern skillsets like Ruby, Python and Javascript as they disrupt regulated industries like security, health care and education,” Matt Mickiewicz, CEO of Hired and former co-founder of 99designs said in a statement. “Our goal is to be the talent pipeline that fuels this innovation.”

If the beta testing proved anything else, it’s that we can anticipate Hired being very successful in the DC market. Over 5000 engineers and 140 companies in the have signed up for the service during the six month testing period.

The two-sided marketplace is aimed at being transparent both for job candidates and potential employers. They offer payment plans for employers that offer minimal risk if an employee doesn’t work out. The company has hired a local team based in DC. They are currently working out of a WeWork space in Dupont Circle.


Image Credit: Flickr/Thomas Hawk

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