Hold the Phone, Ubiquita Can Do What for Your Small Business?

April 26, 2013

3:00 pm

What can frustrated small businesses do to battle poor Internet service and voice providers? Many small businesses have limited options in the field, and the poor quality of service can often disrupt their day to day. However, there is a solution that works on top of your existing connection to ensure optimal service.

Leith Martin, Dominic Marrocco, and Andy Beckett co-founded Ubiquita, a telecommunications and IT service company, to solve the problems that keep small business owners up at night.

Traditionally, when a small business starts, the technological aspects of its network are last on the list. Monitoring security, backing up files, and anti-virus work, among countless other tasks, requires a resource more valuable than money: time.

Ubiquita steps in to save the day, though, with their Telephony Integrated Network Appliance (TINA). Everything Ubiquita offers their customers comes in one tiny device that is twice the depth and footprint of an iPhone and operates on existing network and data connections.

The services offered are not too different from those offered by current ISPs. Voice service, Wi-Fi, cloud storage, anti-virus, remote diagnostics, web servers, WAN acceleration, VPNs, backups, firewalls, and central file storage all ring familiar.

However, Ubiquita offers their customers 4G failover. If your network fails, for whatever reason, you can be back online with a secondary connection before your main broadband is back up.

Ubiquita deviates from other providers, not because of their stellar upfront services, but because their backend goes above and beyond all else. “All the data on feature-rich services is the same,” explains Martin. “Quality issues, however, run rampant.”

Ubiquita has 24/7 monitoring and response on every deployed device for an accurate fix on the network statistics of small business clients. They prioritize the data on your network to ensure that you have enough broadband space for the highest voice call quality possible.

If your connection is choked up by irrelevant activity, Ubiquita will tap into your network and prioritize your data so that your calls do not drop or call quality weaken. The best part, for the business owner, is that they do not have to ignorantly tinker with their sensitive network.

If something does go wrong on your network, with most ISPs the support automatons will drain hours off of your life. The first person to answer over at Ubiquita, however, is a customer service tech. If you need to talk to an individual higher up, you are transferred immediately.

“We are fanatical when it comes to customer support, and we strive to maintain the highest level of quality service,” says Martin.

With Ubiquita, small businesses can focus on their main priorities like growth and actual business. Martin and his dedicated team will keep you connected and running no matter what comes your way.

Ubiquita was featured at the April Tech Cocktail Week mixer in Las Vegas.

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