4 Holiday Apps to Help Maintain Your Sanity

December 23, 2015

10:43 am

Tis the season for chillin with loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, food comas, and spiked egg nog. It’s also the season for stupid amounts of stress, overbooked schedules, and family drama. No matter how hard you try to plan or make everyone happy, there are bound to be some things that fall out of your control this time of year.

There are a ton of apps out there that can help you optimize holiday time and reduce stress. There are gift giving apps, travel apps, and baking apps to help you perfect your holiday cookie game. And these only scratch the surface. Whatever is stressing you out between now and the dawn of 2016, there’s likely an app to help you combat it.

Don’t let the holidays get you down. Here is a list of 4 more apps that you probably didn’t know you needed until now. All you have to do is download and cruise through the next couple weeks.


Whether you’re flying across the country for the holidays, or just trying to meet up with friends for a holiday happy hour, this app shares your location (only with those whom you choose to share it with) so that people will know exactly when you’re going to arrive. Who this app could help: Those who constantly get out of the subway and immediately head in the wrong direction. Who this app could hurt: That guy you’ve intentionally stood up. I wouldn’t share your location with him. Probably not cool for him to see that you haven’t left your house (or, you know, just don’t be a jerk and stand him up).


If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the few places that are going to get below 60 degrees this Christmas (global warming + El Nino = December heat wave!), you might have some skiing or snowboarding planned. The Liftopia app helps has info on tons of ski resorts all in one place. You can use their iOS app to check out ski reports, snow conditions and score some pretty good deals on lift tickets.


Over the last couple years I’ve become a huge fan of gifting experiences over material items. Viator, a TripAdvisor company, has long been a reliable source for tours and activities around the globe. They now have an app where you can purchase these experiences and gift them to loved ones. The experiences range from VIP tours of the Vatican to local theme parks. Why gift someone another iTunes gift card when you can give them the ultimate Harry Potter experience?


Driving to grandma’s house this year? Over the river and through the woods, and all that business? This app can help you plan the best route, along with some scenic stops along the way (assuming you want to procrastinate seeing those obnoxious family members).

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