This Ain’t Yer Grandpa’s Alarm Clock

July 10, 2015

3:00 pm

The last alarm clock I ever owned died when I was a sophomore in college. At that point in my life it had been pretty much tagging along for the ride when I moved from dorm to dorm, but when it came time to potentially buy a new one I opted for the smartphone.

I mean, who didn’t? Smartphones had pretty much taken over the world at that point and standalone desktop clocks were a casualty of that coup. The trend stuck, and now pretty much every person I know uses the smartphone alarm to wake up in the morning.

Now, if I’m being fair, alarm clocks didn’t age, adapt, or evolve well. I think that’s partially because the smartphone assimilated the alarm clock’s duties, but also because people kind of gave up on innovating on the alarm clock.

There’s a company, Homtime, that didn’t want to abandon it so quickly though. They looked out over the vast cohort of people using smartphones and instead of admitting defeat, decided to give the alarm clock a much needed update.

The C1 pro is an alarm clock that’s more than fitting for today’s modern, technological standard. I was expecting a work horse, but this little clock is absolutely a race horse jam packed with top of the line features:

  • Simultaneous dual-port, USB charging
  • Personalized alarms
  • MicroSD music storage
  • Innovative time setting dial
  • Easy brightness adjustment
  • Bluetooth capable speakers
  • Internal temperature gauge


They put it up on Kickstarter in the hopes of raising $30,000 in funding, which was surpassed with the help of 725 backers. However, there are still eight days left on the campaign trail for Homtime, and their number could absolutely grow beyond $47,095. After the campaign you can buy the clock via Nathan Rd.

Now, part of me sees the C1 pro and the features inside of it and I have a hard time calling it a clock. Granted, the core function of the C1 pro is to tell time, but the team at Homtime has taken to calling it a multifunctional bedside companion.

Regardless of what you decide to call it, I think we all could agree that Homtime has put forth a very solid effort to modernize an older, outdated piece of tech. I also happen to think it looks super, duper cool. 

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