Buy a Cheap Hoverboard, Risk Burning Into Oblivion

April 14, 2016

9:00 pm

Hoverboards have become nearly commonplace around the globe. Gone are the days where only a handful of stars and YouTubers had the technology; nowadays, everyone can get their hands – or, feet… – on one of these gadgets. However, by spreading like wildfire, hoverboards are also getting some serious bans.

Just recently, some airlines in the United States imposed a permanent ban on hoverboards. United, Delta and American Airlines, the three major airlines in the country, decided to follow 60 other airlines and not allow customers to travel with hoverboards, not even inside the hold luggage.

Similarly, over a dozen colleges in the US banned hoverboards. The COO of Georgetown University, one of the latest to do so, explained why:

“Based on these reported safety risks and as a precaution, do NOT bring hoverboards or self-balancing scooters to campus. Until the Consumer Product Safety Commission makes a determination on the safety of these devices, we are prohibiting their use or storage on our campus. We continue to encourage the proper use of other transportation means for daily life, including bicycles.”

While there were reports about some accidents with hoverboards bursting into flames, these bans can surely be considered as an overreaction, because that does not happen with the vast majority of hoverboards. Still, some hoverboards have an Achilles heel: faulty batteries.

Most (if not all) hoverboards like this are built in China, and are sold by some shady sellers on eBay and other commerce websites. The key here is to buy from trustworthy vendors, such as Hover Board Stop. They sell hoverboards equipped with batteries built by Samsung, which are developed for Segway devices and can withstand long periods of utilization, under extreme stress.

Yet another reason why these bans are an overreaction is that, unfortunately, hoverboards are not the only devices that can have low-quality batteries on them. Smartphones, laptops, cameras and many other gadgets can also be equipped with them, and those are not being controlled so thoroughly.

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