Here’s How You Should Design Your Investor Presentation

March 24, 2016

11:08 am

You can be the hardest working entrepreneur in your industry. You can have the best idea, the best team, and the best chance at gaining traction. However, none of this matters if you cannot convince potential investors to open their wallets and put their faith and their money into your company. This is why you need an investor presentation that investors simply cannot resist.

You Won’t Find a Template for Your Investor Presentation

Your investor presentation is, in a sense, the unique story of your company. Because of this, there is no specific recipe that you should follow. You just have to decide the best way to make your story unfold. Having said that, keep in mind that your first and last slides will probably have the most impact. As a general guideline, here are the elements that you should probably include.

  • Your Introduction: Your company name, introduction of the team members, and of course who you are.
  • Problem, Opportunity, and Solution: Present the problem that you are solving, the opportunity that you have discovered and the solution that you will be providing.
  • Product and Service Description: Answer the question; what are you selling and how does it work?
  • Defining Your Market: Provide a description of your market and show that it is either growing or significant enough to sustain your business
  • Your 5-Year Vision: Demonstrate where you plan to have your startup positioned in 5 years.
  • Market Traction: Show investors how quickly you have grown in a specific period of time and how you can keep that up.
  • Your Business Model: Give investors information on how you have structured your business to make money.
  • Your Competition: Don’t ignore them. Show that you know who they are, that  you can do better than them, and that you have ways to set up barriers for them.
  • Growth Potential: Let investors know how you will grow your startup through customer acquisition or expansion into other products and services.

Of course, having all of the right information in place is important, but it isn’t the only thing your investors will be looking for. Remember that most people are visual learners. If you want to wow your potential investors, you will need to create an attention grabbing, slickly designed presentation with great visuals and other features. One way you can do this is by using SlideModel as a tool to create presentations based on pre-designed PowerPoint templates that helps to make a great impression.

Start Big and Basic

Once you know the sweet spots that you want to hit at the beginning middle and end of your presentation, decide the order in which you want to present the other elements of your slide show. Then, begin designing your presentation. When you do so, start with a single slide for each element. Don’t focus on anything other than the main point that you want to communicate. Once that is down pat, you can break those main slides down into multiple slides with more detail. It is only at that point that you should focus on fonts, colors, wipes, and other features.

Don’t Back Away from Bold Statements; Back Them Up Instead

Your potential investors aren’t going to feel an incentive to back your company up unless you impress them. This means that there’s no time or room for humility in your presentation. If you are doing something revolutionary, don’t be afraid to say so. If you can prove that your competitors will never be able to match what you have done, by all means include that in your presentation. Just be sure to provide the facts and sources behind those claims. Bold statements backed by provable data is what investors want to see.

Test Things Out

There are two types of testing you will want to perform before your big day. The first set of tests will be your technical run throughs. As you present your slide show, you want to be sure that things go as smoothly as possible. You’ll want there to be natural breaks where you can address your audience and take questions, and you want the overall flow of your presentation to go exactly as you want it. The second set of tests will be when you present your presentation to test audiences. This is where you will get valuable feedback that you can use to perfect things for your investors.


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