How Gab Plans to Bring a More Meaningful Experience to Social Media

September 3, 2013

4:47 pm

The Internet is full of noise.  Nowhere is this more apparent than on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  How often do you share an article on Facebook, get a few likes, and it’s forgotten within an hour?  How about the thousands of pins you save on Pinterest that you never revisit (okay…maybe that’s just me)?  And don’t even get me started on Yelp reviews written by strangers with an axe to grind.

Founders Ben Poch and Kapil Khanna have taken on the task of reducing the noise.  They’ve created Gab, a platform that attempts to remove the hoarding aspect of social media and helps users focus on what is important to them.  Their goal is to create a more meaningful experience by harnessing the opinions of friends and those within the user’s circle of trust.  These are the five main actions that people can take:

  • Search: Search for      various articles, places, products, and events using Gab’s intelligent      search function.
  • Share: Share your      thoughts, ideas, and opinions on various topics with the Gab community.
  • Discover: Follow your      friends, family and those you trust, and view their opinions and      recommendations on new products, movies, travel destinations and more.
  • Organize: Categorize      your content into “gab bags” and access all of your favorite things in one      place.
  • Inspire: Add emotions      and reactions to your Gab — be inspired and inspire others with new      articles, topics, products, and reviews  

They are also working on a “relationship” feature which will allow links to be built between different Gabs that have a common denominator.

Gab is currently in beta, but I was granted access to play around with it a little and check out the different features.  The homepage looks a lot like Pinterest, but one major difference is the content that each piece of media or “Gab” contains.  Each Gab gives you the option to save it, comment on it, and rate it.  It also shows you what other people are saying.  When you click on the Gab, it opens up a window that allows you to see additional information such as how other people rated it, a link to the website, and other pertinent information and opinions.

One thing that sets Gab apart from its competitors is its emphasis on the community with whom you share and gather information.  Similar to Twitter or Pinterest, you choose who to follow and who follows you.  These are the people who can see what you share and comment on, which makes it much easier to get reliable information and opinions from people you know and trust.

Gab was one of the featured startups at the Tech Cocktail Mixer and Startup Showcase in Dallas on August 29th.  I look forward to following them and seeing where they go–who knows, maybe we’ve finally found a cure for social media ADD.

Guest author Kristin Pryor @kristinpryor is an archeologist by day and budding entrepreneur by night who is enthusiastically  navigating her way through the DC startup space.    She has an unending  passion for learning and is never satisfied with the status quo.  Her  current obsessions include wine, hiking, and Downton Abbey. 

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