How a Better Logo Can Improve Your Business

February 22, 2017

11:20 am

Many people, especially those who are starting a new business, would say that choosing or making a logo is one of the easiest parts of the job. But is it? Creating a visual identity for a business is not like putting some random picture in a frame. There is a reason why people hire professionals to create a logo for them.

A logo is the first thing that your customer or client will see. A logo is also indispensable for a successful marketing strategy and it can help you develop a worldwide brand. Creating a name and image for your enterprise will make you look serious. It can help you to connect with people and to leave good first impressions.

A logo should be simple, so it can be easily remembered. It should be versatile and easy to use and adapt to new surroundings and situations. Also, a logo should be relevant to your business. If you combine all of these and manage to reach out to the right target audience, your success is guaranteed.

The Risks

If your logo is poorly designed and makes you look unprofessional and sloppy, it can literally ruin your business. Customers could make wrong assumptions about your business because of this and all of your marketing efforts could be ruined.

If you have missed the right audience you should know that even that could be fixed without changing your logo. You should simply change your marketing strategy. On the other hand, if your logo is not relevant to your business or it is harming it, then it is a time for a change. You should simply redesign your logo.

When you are creating a new “face” for your company, you should follow some procedures. First, your logo should be printed on posters, business cards, and banners so you can test it right away. Second, you should also check how people respond to your “new face” on the internet. Also, it is very important to “test” your logo among different groups of people.

Choosing the Color, Shape and Size

Just like the music or text, colors and shapes can send a message. If you want to create a successful brand, you should know what message you want to send to your customers. Believe it or not, there is a possibility to be too creative in your design. That means that you could use too many unnecessary details or too much color when creating your logo. Such action can turn your customers into critics, which won’t do you any good.  Therefore, you should remember a few things:

  • Don’t follow the current trends. Although there are always some innovative new things on the market that could help you, the chance of finding the right one is not so great. Instead, you should go for the trends that stood the test of time.
  • Choosing the right font. Believe it or not, everything can eventually depend on the type of font that you chose. Chose the font that could be easily read and that goes well with your logo.

The colors that you choose for your company will have a long-term effect on your business. The people tend to perceive colors emotionally. This means that if you do everything right, you can make them bound to your brand.

This also means that you should be very careful when you evaluate the colors that you are going to use for your type of business logo. It is pretty much the same with the shapes. The researchers have found out that logo is not just about its basic aesthetic appeal. The shapes and sizes of its contents are quite important too. For example, round logo can evoke associations with “softness” and “care”, which means it could be highly recommended for someone who wants to sell pillows. There are a lot of shapes and sizes and each and every one of them carries a message.

Also, you should not use someone else’s content. Don’t try to make your logo looks like someone else’s. You are creating your own brand. Being a copycat or lookalike of some other company won’t get you very far. Make your logo unique and make it yours.

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David Fournier has been a business analyst since 2010 and also involved in the launching of startups companies for over 3 years.He has been writing for small to mid-sized businesses, assisting them with their business needs.

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