How to Blog: The Goods from Blogalicious 2012

October 11, 2012

3:00 pm

I attended the Blogalicious Conference the weekend before last. In addition to some phenomenal parties, much-needed spa dates, and one of the most supportive and positive blogger ecosystems I’ve been part of in a while, we learned some solid takeaways on blogging strategy, blogging processes and procedures, and monetizing your blog/brand. Here are a few quick tips on how to blog in case you forgot.

1. Be Authentic

People are following YOU. According to bestselling author Harriette Cole, you should never shape your blog to the message that you think people want to hear. They’ll go elsewhere. People follow YOUR blog to hear YOUR voice. No matter how “opinionated” that voice can be.

2. Fact Check, Get Expert Opinions

If blogging can now be considered a form of journalism, why aren’t you treating your blog with the same standards as your journalistic counterparts? Simply Google, since if it’s on the Internet it must be true (not really). Or better yet, use The Journalist’s Toolbox, a site full of resources, sources, and expert listings for journalists.

3. Make it easy

If you don’t blog as often as you “should” or want to, try to remove the impediments. Are you using the right blogging tools? Are you always on the go? Blog through an app on your phone. This will also allow for spontaneity in your posts. Do you prefer to use the computer, but your CMS system (WordPress, Joomla) is too difficult for you? Try something a little more plain text, like Dropbox or even Evernote.

4. Diversify your content

People can get hung up on the essay-like blog post. Yes, that’s content, but so is a video or a photo. Video and photos can often show the emotion that we can’t get from written text.

5. Monetize

“How many free t-shirts and water bottles can you work for?” This was a quotable favorite from CNN’s Mario Armstrong as he rallied the group to realize the worth of their influence and content. He gave us some more great tips on monetizing your blog/ brand:

  • Write an ebook. You write consistently, so compile your thought leadership into an ebook and sell.
  • Don’t be scared, talk to brands! Getting to the PR rep vs. the marketing rep at a potential sponsor brand is often easier. Go with solid strategy and suggestions for the partnership.
  • Speak. This can often be the most lucrative way to add additional income to your brand. Speakers can make from $500 to $10,000. Speak for free first and make sure that you record yourself for your media kit.
If one works for a t-shirt, we all do. Let’s stay strong. Here’s to abundant blogging!

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Lindsey C. Holmes is the CEO/Lead Strategist of Usable Tech Co (formerly LCH Business SM & Tech), a digital marketing firm based in Newark, NJ, with an office also in Washington, DC. Lindsey is the Evernote Small Business Ambassador, a self-taught developer, a proud geek, and mom of a shih-tzu named Banks. She spends her free time converting the masses to understand and apply the technology that will make their lives better. Follow her on Twitter @lindseycholmes.

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