How To Get Your Product in the Grammy Gift Lounge: The Essential Safe Products Case Study

January 13, 2012

4:02 pm

Mothers are programmed to advocate their children’s safety.  It’s what they do.  Next time, instead of simply downplaying her suggestion as excessive, listen up – there may be a million dollar idea behind it.

This innate motherly concern is the foundation behind Essential Safe Products, the toxin-free kitchenware and on-the-go products company.

“My mother is the highly concerned type- she has recently said to me, ‘Don’t eat grapes while walking up stairs because you could choke,'” says Hannah Masimore, President of ESP.

“One day my mom was talking about whatever moms talk about with a friend. They got to the topic of packing lunches. My mom’s friend gasped when my mom told her that she included a plastic water bottles in our lunches.  She was unaware of the toxic byproducts of such containers,” says Masimore. “That sent my mom into a researching frenzy and eventually lead her to start Essential Safe Products.”

As any startup can attest, oftentimes getting that big break is the difference between success and stagnation.  In only its first four months since launching, ESP got their first big break – inclusion of their products in the Grammy Gift Lounge, a product giveaway and showcase in the days leading up to the preeminent music awards ceremony.

Getting your product into the hands of early adopters and taste makers is crucial and can be a company’s best form of advertising.  It’s how a product goes mainstream.  No doubt, celebrities, such as those in attendance at this pre-show event, are the ideal target.

So what’s the secret behind getting your product into the Grammy Gift Lounge?

Masimore says, “Really it was quite simple: a press release.  We joined PRWeb and started sending a couple of press releases per month. Early in December, someone from Distinctive Assets called to see if we were interested in being featured at the Grammy Gift Lounge.  We were.  Apparently the Grammy’s are making more of a push to go eco-friendly, and we just kind of lucked out…Originally I was a skeptic of the effectiveness of press releases.   As you may have guessed, that is no longer the case.”

Press releases are a great way to get the word out, but it comes down to someone liking the words that you’re touting. ESP offers a wide array of eco-friendly, non-toxic, portable containers. This upcoming awards mega-show was looking for an array of quality eco-friendly, non-toxic products at the same time ESP began their press release campaign. Good timing.

Although Masimore feels that ESP “lucked out”, with a good product and strategic marketing, you make your own luck.

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