6 Ways to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

August 2, 2014

10:00 am

It’s something that happens to all of us in our daily life: when we absolutely need to use our laptop, there’s no battery left. We are going on a long trip for an important meeting, and of course we end up with low battery.

So here are some strategies to help you increase your laptop battery life. With these simple tips, you can buy more time on that almost-dead battery.

Only do one task

It takes more power to hold data in your laptop’s memory. Running applications sap virtual memory space on your laptop’s hard drive, draining your laptop’s battery. At a given time, instead of using multiple applications and having multiple windows open, you should only keep the important tabs and apps open. Always close all applications running in the background.

Run applications that don’t use much internal memory

RAM is the first memory being used whenever we open any app or even tab in our laptop. When we open more apps at a time, RAM speed slows and it consumes more power, as well. This can be reduced by opening a simple text editor rather than Microsoft Word or Pages for a simple writing task, for example. Heavy applications like games and movie watching are hard on the battery.


Defragging your hard disk from time to time will reduce the amount of active time needed to access the data. Defragmenting the drive is the digital equivalent of organizing your cupboards. It’s like making everything a bit tidier and easier to find than before. Windows 7 and 8 both provide an inbuilt tool for defragmenting your device on a regular basis. Just make sure that the tool is working and running properly.

Close extra components

When you’re not using wifi or Bluetooth, switch them off to avoid wasting battery.

Hibernate or shut down

Standby mode drains energy to keep the laptop ready to go when the cover is opened, so hibernating or completely shutting down your laptop is better.

Care, feeding, and cooling

Your battery must be handled with care. If the battery is removable, take care not to damage the battery contacts. Normally, try to charge the battery fully and drain it completely through normal use.

Keep the fans clean and allow the air from the fan to keep things cool. Take steps to provide optimal airflow and cooling.

I hope these simple steps will increase your battery life. If you have any other suggestions, please share in the comments!

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