How Would You Spend an Extra $1,000 on Marketing?

June 18, 2013

8:55 am

Imagine this: someone hands your startup a check for $1,000. Their only stipulation? You have to use it on “marketing.”

Turns out, entrepreneurs can get pretty creative with what they consider marketing. Here are some of the best ways they would spend that extra thousand.


“Probably buy a sign on one of those trucks that drive up and down the Las Vegas strip in the middle of summer while throwing water bottles labeled with our website to the dehydrated crowds.”

– David Winchell, founder of WHO I CHOOSE

“We would pay all of the street performers in the city to sing about TransitChatter.”

– Samuel Pro, cofounder of TransitChatter


“Buy/make a bunch of NetCamps swag and give it away in mini social media competitions.”

– Chris Chattin, CEO Of NetCamps


“Spend two hours with Guy Kawasaki and listen, write down, and learn how to get the right message to the right number of the right people.”

– John Nichols, president of i-KPI Software


“There is a large cow statue for sale in Brooklyn Heights that we would buy and make the official CaterCow mascot.”

– Chris Collins, cofounder of CaterCow

Give it to customers 

“I’d surprise a couple of our customers with a case of great champagne at their wedding. We love celebrating with them, and they’re really our best marketing!”

– Carrie Mantha, founder and CEO of Indira


“Create a video with customer testimonials. It is a powerful message when a customer explains how you are helping them with a difficult problem.”

– Mike Cirello, CTO and cofounder of Silver Living

Social good

“Create a matching-donation crowdfunding campaign to stimulate online giving for a worthy cause.”

– Russ Stoddard, chief do-gooder at Social Good Network

Attend a conference

“Conferences in our field represent wonderful opportunities for us to connect with our users, learn more about the challenges facing our industry, and showcase our approach and work.”

– Mike Galbo, COO of Aidin

Pay employees more

“I would give it to our mobile developer, Lucian Paun, because he deserves it. He is a true genius at what he does, and deserves way more than what we are paying him. He can definitely be earning WAY more somewhere else than with us.”

– Natasia Malaihollo, cofounder of Sooligan

Spend it on product

“Make our product even better. No point in marketing a mediocre product, and a good product markets itself.”

– Bernard Huang, cofounder of Food by People


“I’d rent a mascot for the TechCocktail event.” [good idea]

– David Goldberg, founder and CEO of FreshNeck

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