How You Can Reserve a Private Jet

September 14, 2010

5:49 pm

We’d all love a private jet – more legroom, less hassle, etc. But who has money for a private jet? Well, you may not be able to buy one, but you may be able to book seats on one. EmptyLegMarket helps you find open seats on the flight of your choice on private jets. EmptyLegMarket’s online marketplace consolidates the listings of “empty-legs” (unsold segments on a private jet) across the charter industry.  Through an innovative platform, independent jet operators can post the availability of their flights to the public database. Charter customers can then review each flight’s aircraft and destinations to determine the appropriate cost and then submit a bid for their trip. Through EmptyLegMarket, jet operators find new clients for their unsold flight segments and charter customers can save significantly on their flight prices. The simple, straightforward design is reminiscent of sites like craigslist – which is interesting given the luxurious nature of traveling by private jet.

Customers now only have to visit one site to browse for empty leg flights instead of having to search through dozens of different jet operator’s websites or newsletters looking for a potential match.
So far, sixty jet operators are “on-board” with the service and AviationWeek identified the business as “an innovative approach to private jet travel particularly given the current economic downturn.”* Former management consultant and now entrepreneur Elliot Schwartz founded EmptyLegMarket in February 2009.
Be sure to check out EmptyLegMarket when you need to book your next chartered flight or come see Elliot as he will be on hand demoing EmptyLegMarket at TECH cocktail San Francisco 2010 tonight.

*Business & Commercial Aviation magazine 5/09


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