Hunt For An IT Job Like A Tiger

October 4, 2014

10:00 am

Deep in the jungles of the thriving IT job market lies the newest sector offering high pay and job satisfaction with plenty of growth: health information technology. There, the competition is fierce and only the strongest, most agile candidates catch the health IT job they’ve been seeking.

Let’s take a lesson from these tiger-like IT job hunters and see how they succeed in snatching up these elusive jobs.

Be Alert And Aware

When on the IT job hunt, pay acute attention to the opportunities surrounding you, both online and in person. Check the network of people you know. Four out of 10 job seekers found their favorite job through personal connections. Plus, 64 percent of recruiters consider referrals to be the highest quality candidates.

Comb Through the Plains of Social Media

You’ve probably heard how HR managers and recruiters are now using social media to look at prospective job candidates. Some say social media is a great place to find quality, like-minded candidates. A study shows 30 percent of managers were influenced to hire candidates when seeing awards and community involvement on their social media profiles.

Post your professional and academic achievements on your social media pages, and use social media to scope out ideal places you’d like to work. Start a conversation with company professionals by sharing content or tweeting at them. After a few discussions, see if you can draw them in for a meeting over coffee, or even at their office to discuss common interests. Then you’ll be one step closer to seizing your prey.

Prowl the Field the Old-Fashioned Way

Attune yourself to notice potential job referrals while meeting people in person, wherever you may go. You could meet someone who knows someone looking to hire an IT professional at the grocery store, the gym, a restaurant, or a friend’s party. There’s no shame in casually bringing up that you are currently seeking a job in conversation. Often, people are more than willing to help in any way they can.

Use Your Claws…Tools You Have Right At Your Fingertips

With your phone always within hand’s reach, you can put it to good use to help you on the job hunt. Many of today’s job seeking platforms are optimized for mobile, so users can check updates and communicate with employers from anywhere with ease.

Forty-three percent of job seekers use their mobile phone to look for a job, and they do it all over. Some while in a restaurant, some while waiting for the bus, and even seven percent look for jobs on their phone in the restroom.

Be Persistent

In the job kingdom, it’s not all about natural selection. Sure, some candidates have advantages over others possessing inherent charm and public speaking abilities, but in the end, it’s all about persistence.

When you don’t hear back from companies after sending out your resume, don’t give up, you’re not in a desert, you’re in a jungle where IT job opportunities abound. Send polite follow up messages, and in the meantime, work on grooming your job board and social media profiles into top shape. Clean up your resume. Bulk up your achievements.

Then, when you hear back from an interested company, you’ll be ready to dart forward in confidence.

Be Patient And Know When to Pounce

A tiger never catches its prey by begging on its paws and knees. Desperate candidates flag red for HR managers and recruiters. Choosing the company that is the right fit for you is just as important as finding a job quickly. You don’t want to recklessly snatch something up just to survive, if you can help it. Acting with impatience will only make things worse.

In fact, 93 percent of employers agree that good communication and critical thinking are more important than a candidate’s field of study. Be tactful when you reach out to and following up with managers.

For example, don’t call the manager’s extension during the last five minutes of the work day to ramble off your skills. Don’t demand they return your emails or phone calls. Instead, call on a Wednesday or Thursday after lunch. Wait patiently, and when they are ready to move forward in their hiring process, they will contact you.

The growth of the highly competitive health IT industry won’t be slowing down anytime soon, and the more interest it generates from job seekers, the more you’re going to have to use the right tactics to acquire the job you’re hunting. Take a few lessons from the orange and black hunting pros. Before you know it, you’ll be creeping up slowly to close in on your IT job.

What are some other lessons tigers teach us about the job hunt? What are some of your best IT job search methods? Share with us in the comments below!


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