Iblazr Pursues Kickstarter Funding for LED Smartphone Flash

July 26, 2013

3:38 pm

The Kiev, Ukraine-based iblazr kicked off their Kickstarter campaign on July 23 to raise $58,000 for their attachable, LED phone-camera flash. After only three days, they are already at $28,700, and the remaining 39 days bode well for their success.

Starting at $39, iblazr connects externally via 3.5mm headphone jack and uses four high-output CREE LED lights to give you a massive boost to illumination in a very small piece of hardware. The battery on the iblazr is fully rechargeable and can be juiced up through a flexible USB cable.

The only other add-on you need is the free app for iOS and Android platforms. It provides some augmented features for your camera like constant light mode and changeable brightness settings while syncing perfectly with your device’s camera shutter.

The connectivity side is just as exciting. Since it is going to hit the market for both platforms and only requires a headphone jack to work, almost every device out there can utilize iblazr. Smartphones are prime targets obviously, but tablets and laptops, mediums that rarely feature flash options, can also take advantage of iblazr.

If you really examine it, a big portion of that high sticker price for your smartphone is the camera. It is one of the major selling points, and that little piece of hardware is capable of snagging some amazing photos. So if the only thing standing in your way of smartphone photography glory is the lighting, why not get past that speed bump?

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