This Is How Long Your Online Content Should Be

November 9, 2015

10:13 am

There is A LOT of data out there on digital marketing and its dos and don’ts – from the best times to tweet to mistakes to avoid when email marketing. Online content is so easy to track and analyze that it isn’t very hard to come up with clear best practices. Even as I’m writing this article I can have it automatically analyzed for SEO optimization and get suggestions on things such as title length (this one is actually a bit short according to WordPress), and keywords.

The below infographic put together by Buffer and SumAll focuses specifically on the lengths of online content and what works best. It will tell you how long your tweets should be and how many characters your Google Plus headline should be (the real answer is zero because no one is looking at Google Plus); however, it is not just limited to written content. There are also optimal lengths for video content such as YouTube videos (3 minutes) or Ted Talks (18 minutes).

This infographic will help you answer the following questions that likely keep you up at night: How long should this tweet be to get the most attention? What’s the optimal length of a Facebook post that will make someone pause mid-scroll? Or, how many characters should my email subject line be to ensure that it will get clicked open?


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