iMedicare Makes Medicare Painless

November 5, 2013

1:00 pm

Flaviu Simihaian aims to make Medicare cost effective, help pharmacists and their patients navigate an often too difficult system in healthcare, and stop world hunger. The young CEO of iMedicare, a Medicare comparison app available for iOS, has achieved two of the three…

iMedicare helps pharmacists and Medicare patients shop for Medicare insurance plans in “under 2 minutes,” by comparing monthly costs, the Medicare Part D coverage gap (the Medicare donut hole), patient location, and other enrollment options. The current system, a very manual one, can take doctors between 30-45 minutes per patient. With Medicare patients being the highest consumers of prescription drug services, the value in providing painless and cost-saving consultations to these patients is a smart investment.

iMedicare received $400k in Seed funding earlier this year.

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