How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Network Security Without Much Effort

December 8, 2015

7:00 pm

One of the rising threats regarding security in the world news for technology is the possibility of your Wi-Fi network getting hacked. When Wi-Fi technology was brand new, maybe most of us thought about using it more loosely and not look into things, but nowadays the technology is so common that some tips certainly wouldn’t hurt. Here are a couple of things you can do to help yourself out when it comes to keeping your Wi-Fi network secure. Anything involving routers and Wi-Fi might sound complicated and not something worth working on if you’re not a tech fan, but there are ways to improve things without knowing a ton about the topic.

Strong Key and Encryption Method

The first step to adequate Wi-Fi security is a strong key, and while there are quite some options available to you, WPA2 is probably the one you should go for. The type of encryption you use will make a difference in how to secure your router and network are. Fortunately, the change isn’t that hard to do, and there isn’t a downside to changing to WPA2, so if you’re worried about speed, you can still make the switch with confidence. The type of encryption is the main thing hackers will need to go through to access anything, so updating for the best option around is a must. AES is the option the most recommended when setting this up. Then, of course, when it comes to the password keep things as safe and hard to guess as you can. Some passwords might be practical and easy to remember for your family, be this can also be the case when it comes to your neighbors.

Activate a Firewall

A firewall is also really important to prevent hackers from getting involved and is another tool in your arsenal to keep things safe. Windows does offer an option that you can use by default, and you should also check your router’s options by default. Keeping your Wi-Fi network is not only about putting a strong lock on it, but also by making it as invisible as possible, and depending on what you do and by playing with the setting, you might be able to keep it out of the hackers’ site.

Update Firmware

Then, a properly updated firmware will also come in handy to further secure your device. The latest firmware will take advantage of your device and what the company is doing to keeping it current. You could also go for a more generic option like DD-WRT ( that offers a wide variety of options and might improve your possibilities when it comes to security. It’s fortunate that some downloads like this are free and can improve things for you no matter your model.

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