Impulcity Answers the Question, “What Should I Do Tonight?”

January 21, 2013

9:00 am

What should I do tonight?  It is a common question and a universal problem. Finding something to do in your town is not always the easiest thing. That is, until now.

Impulcity, a recent graduate from the top 15 nationally ranked accelerator The Brandery, is launching an app in a few weeks that will help answer this. Below, cofounder Hunter Hammonds explains how they do it.

Tech Cocktail: What is Impulcity?

Hunter Hammonds: Impulcity is the easiest way to find the fun things you love to do. Come Friday night, just open the app and you will instantly see everything going on in your city, and it’s all recommended for you. When you are looking for events, knowing what the crowd is going to be like is important. Impulcity shows everyone going to the event and even the ratio of guys to girls. A key feature is a real-time feed of the event that shows all of the photos people are posting and what’s being said, whether it’s on Impulcity, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Tech Cocktail: What problem does it solve?

Hammonds: Finding something to do can be a challenge. Right now if you want to see all of the great things happening in your city, you have to dig through some local city calendar or hit the web. You’re going to have all kinds of pop-up ads and other junk thrown at you, and the events you find may not be what you are looking for. People want to spend less time looking and more time doing the things they love. We solve all of that. The content is personalized, and it’s incredibly easy to find.

Tech Cocktail: How is being in Cincinnati an advantage?

Hammonds: Cincinnati is great for a few reasons. We’re really close to our investors here, and that’s important. We definitely stuck to finding the smart money, and our investors are a big support system for us. Being close to them and their advice and input is invaluable.

Another benefit is the talent. As far as Midwestern cities go, Cincinnati has a tremendous pool of talent and people who are interested in startups. Cincinnati has more designers per capita than anywhere else, and that’s both fascinating and incredibly useful for us, being a design-focused startup.

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