Increase Wine Sales at Restaurants with

September 7, 2012

9:00 am

When Mathieu Choux recognized that his restaurant’s servers needed wine training, he saw an opportunity to use technology for a specific industry niche. The solution he developed was a comprehensive online program intended to help restaurants improve their customer service and boost wine sales.

This idea was conceived when Choux searched for an easy and low-maintenance wine training program for his staff and was disappointed with the available selection. Choux felt that existing programs were either inflexible or had too much of a learning curve to meet the training needs of new staff members. This prompted him to launch his own online training program, is intended to quickly bring new servers up to speed on wine training through an interactive and lively program, which presents five core lessons to transform a novice server into a wine connoisseur. These lessons include videos, animations, and slideshows to enhance learning. To ensure that students have a solid grasp of these concepts, the program tests them with an online quiz each chapter. Restaurant owners who subscribe to can review course material and track the progress of each server. Additionally, is mobile friendly to give students flexibility in taking these lessons. has been well received from other Idaho restaurants, and Choux plans to expand the program to meet the needs of specialty restaurants that serve specific types of wine. Businesses interested in the program can sign up for a free trial by creating an account on

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