Independent Gaming League Announces NOLA Gaming Fest

December 14, 2015

7:00 pm

In Mid-November, Washington, D.C.-based Random Nerds founder Joe Corbett announced the formation of a new organization focused on bringing people together to learn, compete, and play. Dubbed the Independent Gaming League (IGL), they will create and host events around video games that bring the gaming community closer together.

Today, IGL is announcing their inaugural event, NOLA Gaming Fest, set for January 2 and 3 in New Orleans, LA. According to a statement, the event will feature various tournaments led by the local competitive gaming groups. Some of the featured groups are Dibbz LAN Gaming Center, Go4Games, Louisiana Fighting Game Community, and Awesome Geeks. In addition to tournaments, NOLA Gaming Fest will also feature keynotes, indie game maker panels, and a variety of vendors and artists  throughout the venue.

“The real motivation behind the Independent Gaming League was to work on something myself and my business partner and Chief Gaming Officer, Derek Thomas, both love,” said Corbett. “We love video games. We love playing them, we love talking about them and he and I share a knack for organizing events so this was a very easy decision to make.”

The launch of IGL and the NOLA Gaming Fest are a natural progression from Corbett’s work at Random Nerds, an independent news outlet focusing on gaming, tech, pop culture, and politics.

“I personally knew that, eventually, Random Nerds (my other company) would get into event production, and of course that would include video games; but, before I could really get us moving in that direction, Derek called me up and told me he really wanted to put something together, so we just decided to join forces and start a new company that was focused on executing events that gamers, nerds, geeks, whatever you want to call us, would love,” said Corbett.

Although there are currently other gaming focused events and conferences in the area, and larger nationally recognized conferences, the IGL team is looking to create something consisting of all the best parts. According to Corbett, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and Major League Gaming (MLG) are the biggest influences on the new conference.

“Our event is a mash-up of those events [PAX and MLG] on a much smaller scale,” said Corbett. “Also, we want to find a way to scale this that doesn’t make it a chore to attend, people should be able to walk right in hangout with some local gamers, play some games, listen to a keynote from a local developer and call it a day. We don’t intend to grow this thing to be 100k attendees complete with 4 hour lines and $400 tickets. Though we do have a plan to scale, but I’m not ready to reveal that plan just yet.”

At the end of the day IGL is focusing heavily on creating a great atmosphere for the community to connect. “I want people to walk away saying, “That was amazing! When is the next one?” said Corbett.

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NOLA Gaming Fest will take place on January 2 and 3 in New Orleans, LA at the Pontchartrain Center. Learn more about the event and sign up for their newsletter here. Tech.Co is a media partner of the NOLA Gaming Fest, and readers who purchase a ticket to the event and opt-in to the Tech. Co newsletter at registration will be placed in a drawing to win a PS4 Star Wars: Battle Front bundle. You can also opt-in to the Random Nerds’s newsletter for a chance to win a Wii U Mario Maker bundle, as well as a chance to win an Xbox One Halo 5 Limited Edition bundle if you opt-in to the IGL newsletter.


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