Infinite High-Tech Styles with Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets

October 1, 2015

8:00 am

The world of wearables is currently booming, with several different kinds of devices arriving to the market. They come in different shapes and sizes but, for the most part, they lack a sense of style – wearables like smartwatches are very useful, but they are not exactly the most fashionable accessories.

So what if there was a new line of products that brought these two factors into a device? That is exactly what Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets, being available for pre-orders starting today (September 28th), are: fashionable smart jewelry that fuses fashion and technology. Coming in 3 different styles, these flexible stainless steel, white bronze, and solid sterling silver will surely please every fan of technology aiming to maintain a certain degree of style.

These bracelets feature a 5″, 16-level grayscale bi-static display, that can be configured to show any image defined by the user. Its battery may seem bad, clocking at 100 mAh, but it is actually huge: it will last 1 year on a single charge, with enough power to show 8,000 display updates.

The Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets deliver real-time data like filtered notifications, customizable watch faces, schedules, moving maps or QR codes. They were built with iOS integration in mind and, as a button less device that is easy to use, they are solely controlled through the official app, available for free. There are three designs available: a men’s flexible stainless steel bracelet, a women’s thin silver-plated white bronze bracelet, and a women’s solid sterling silver bracelet, each being available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

The team behind Eyecatcher Bracelets is certainly not new to the wearables game, as they built novel wearables before at
Nokia and Motorola. Disappointed with existing smartwatches, especially with the fact that their displays were normally off, they decided to go ahead and developed their own devices. Eyecatcher Smart Bracelets are a good solution for anyone wanting to be fashionable, while still maintaining all the useful functionalities that smartwatches currently have.

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