InfoCaptor: Making Business Intelligence Accessible to All

December 1, 2015

9:24 pm

Do you know that visual marketing is on the rise this year? And if you are struggling to come up with some untapped content marketing ideas for your product, how about data visualization?

InfoCaptor data visulization

In fact, there’s now a two-in-one tool to help you analyze and share your visual business data in just few clicks. Enter InfoCaptor – a nifty visual business analysis software that powers up your analysis and turns your data into comprehensive visual elements.

At first glance, the trait that most stands out about InfoCaptor is the obvious use of video game elements present in the software. This was a wise, albeit unusual, design change as it makes the application intuitive and fun to use. There are no shortage of options when it comes to selecting data sources or data viewing options.

InfoCaptor can be accessed via the cloud, or users can opt for a local server installation. Regardless of which option users choose, the interface is browser based. The price is quite reasonable. This, combined with a great interface and  its ability to meet the needs of users who have a variety of needs when it comes to visualizing data, business intelligence, and analytics.

Less than an hour of using InfoCaptor leads to one conclusion. Users have access to an impressive number of charts. In addition to this, the interface is based on a very intuitive drag and drop model. The result is that users can quickly create visualizations that are relevant to their business needs, and create original business intelligence solutions. Another bonus is that InfoCaptor has been designed to interface with a wide variety of data sources. Widgets, which provide the nifty features that make each chart unique, are data aware. This means that they can work with data that comes in from web services, existing data sources such as Hadoop, and even data that has been entered by hand.

InfoCaptor Features

Drilldowns: InfoCaptor contains multiple options for drilldowns. Most business analysis apps only offer vertical drilldowns. InfoCaptor users can drill down from one chart to another. They can also drill down from one widget to another, and drill down to third party apps.

Options for Visualization: Funnel charts, pie charts, Gantt charts, pivot tables, line charts, progress bars, bipolar charts, heat maps, vertical stack bars, vertical and horizontal bullet, donut charts, vertical group bars and stack bars, and many more.

InfoCaptor Heat Map

InfoCaptor also provides amazing visualizations from d3js library such as Circle pack, Treemap, Sankey, Sunburst, Chord and many more. It acts as an easy to use front end for d3js library.


Users can work with one another by sharing dashboard website links with one another. Depending on the needs of the people sharing information, shared dashboards can be marked as static (no changes allowed by others), or dynamic (updating welcomed). The standard access control methods are in place in InfoCaptor. This empowers users to limit who can or cannot access the data that is being presented. Collaboration is further enhanced by the presence of alerts and notifications.

Support and Resources

The InfoCaptor website is full of great resources for new and experienced users. These include frequently updated blogs, tutorials, instruction videos, and an extraordinarily detailed set of product documentation. This documentation addresses product installation, technical requirements, troubleshooting, usage instructions, sample charts and graphs, tutorials, instructions on interfacing with external sources (including social media platforms), and much more.


InfoCaptor works amazingly well for users who want to hit the ground running. The app makes it easy to query databases and create analytical snapshots of data without possessing SQL knowledge. However, advanced users shouldn’t dismiss this as only a tool for beginners. There are plenty of capabilities for those who are willing to learn how to work with the software’s more advanced capabilities.

You can learn more about their tools at their website.

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