Dell’s Ingrid Vanderveldt Is Aiming to Empower a Billion Women by 2020

March 19, 2014

3:01 pm

There are over 3.5 billion women on earth today, and Ingrid Vanderveldt’s mission is to empower a billion of them by 2020.

A longtime entrepreneur, Vanderveldt has been the entrepreneur in residence at Dell since 2011. So when she talks about “empowerment,” she has a few things in mind.

Through the $100 million Dell Innovators Credit Fund, which she created, Vanderveldt helps funded startups (led by women and men) get access to scalable technology to grow their businesses.

Through the Dell Founders Club and Dell Center for Entrepreneurs, which she leads, Vanderveldt helps startups learn and access opportunities in technology growth, marketing, sales, and networking.

As the founding organizer of the GLASS Forum and CEO of Green Girl Energy, Vanderveldt helps women tackle global issues of sustainability and bring literal power to women around the globe.

In short, empowering a billion women by 2020 is about bringing them tools, technology, and resources to thrive and become leaders and entrepreneurs. In particular, Vanderveldt hopes to see a mobile device in the hands of every woman. And along the way, she shares her own lessons and ideas.

We sat down for an interview with Vanderveldt at SXSW, and she talked about her ambitious goal – including what inspired it and what challenges stand in the way. Here’s the video.

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