Are You Ready to Leverage the Innovations of iPhone 7 (or 6S)?

August 20, 2015

8:00 pm

Coming Wednesday, September 9, the unveiling of the new iPhone is set. Many have termed this the iPhone 6S or even the iPhone 7, as some love to say. It brings new features and functionality to bring tech and user experience innovations to the market.

Assumptions on the new tech in iPhone 7

Upcoming Screen Technologies in iPhone 7
iPhone 7 will utilize Force Touch screen for fast and reliable interactions. Force Touch enables iPhone screen to distinguish mild differences between simple touch with low pressure and special touch with high pressure.iPhone 7 or 6S

Low pressure, simple touch will perform usual tasks while force touch will act as a special menu and eliminates one or multiple steps/menu items to accomplish the desired task by reacting differently. For instance, with a simple touch, you will open an email while with forced touch, you will directly reply to that email without opening it and then hitting reply.

At present, force touch technology is available in Apple Watch. Another of Apple Watch’s tech that will likely be introduced in the iPhone 7 is the Sapphire Crystal display. This special crystal screen coating is highly resistant to scratch and improves performance of screen glass, and it beautifies the phone as well.

Changes in Camera Technology for iPhone 7
Apple camera technologies have not exactly dominated the market. Therefore, in the iPhone 7, DSLR quality imagery will be possible with a dual-lens camera at front, and resolution would increase up to 1920X1080 to make video conversations sharper and smoother.

Battery Life Still an Issue
Like a camera, the battery in all iPhone versions are still the targets of unsatisfied users, and the power vs. size dilemma persist. There are assumptions that Apple will introduce new battery technologies that it has implemented in the MacBook, which improved its life 35% more for each recharge. Let’s wait what is coming at the time of unveiling of iPhone 7.

Towards Built-in Electronic Sim
There is enough pressure to move on an electronic version of the Sim card to remove the silver or plastic foil. Therefore, Apple is likely introducing an electronic built-in Sim that allows users to easily switch between networks for different payment plans and let business users to create separate accounts for personal and professional calls.

Improved Sound
In order to address complaints regarding sound quality in previous versions of iPhone, Apple is going to add additional microphone at the bottom of the handset. This definitely will improve the sound quality during online and offline calls.

A9 Chip
As usual, Apple is increasing processing power by introducing the A9 chip and some other hardware changes to improve the overall performance for iPhone 7. According to market sources, the A9 chip will come with 15% reduction in size and 20% improvement in processing power. Thus, it will increase the speed of each task performed in iPhone 7.

“iPhone Selfie” Image Credit: Flickr/Gabriele Barni

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