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January 8, 2013

1:19 pm

Startups are advised to sell painkillers, not vitamins: products that people desperately need, not products that might be useful.

So it’s funny that a new product by the maker of Latvia’s Facebook, the Draugiem Group, launched a site called Startup Vitamins. Startup Vitamins sells inspirational posters for startups, already gracing the walls of offices like Google, Zaarly, and SlideShare. An 18” x 24” sells for $26, while a 24” x 36” sizes goes for $36. The most popular is the “Get Shit Done” poster, and here are a few more:

The creators wanted to help entrepreneurs deal with the ups and downs, failures and confusions of startup life – “One day you think you’re changing the world. The next day you think your product is crap,” they say. Inspirational blog posts can accomplish this goal, but posters are much quicker.

Although some might see inspirational posters as vitamins, not painkillers – me included – “talker” Julija Gifford raises a good point. “I see it as an absolute necessity because the reason for a startup’s success is very often linked to the startup’s culture itself, and the culture is also built by your surroundings,” she says.

For every poster sold, Startup Vitamins donates $2.50 to Startup Weekend and $2.50 to Garage48. New designs are released every other Tuesday.

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