How to Market Your Startup with Instagram

April 26, 2014

10:00 am

Each month, there are about 200 million active users on Instagram, sharing 20 billion photos. More than 2,500 brands are on Instagram, and 1.2 billion photos are liked each day. This popularity has caused savvy marketers to look to Instagram for getting their brands in front of consumers. If you’d like to start leveraging Instagram for your business, try some of the following tips:

1. Tell your brand’s story with photos

A series of photos of your products or services can be taken and published to Instagram. More than written statements, people are attracted to pictures that tell your story with engaging images. For example, an image of jewelry can be more attractive than written product descriptions.

2. Create contests and campaigns

Contests can be held by motivating users to post images of your products using hashtags. The best photographs can be selected to give away prizes. This type of campaign can build interest around your products and get people to share images of them, too.

3. Personalize your branding efforts

Apart from pictures of products, you can also publish photos of your office, staff, and other events related to your organization, which can provide a personalized look inside your company culture.

4. Utilize the video option

Instagram also provides short video files which can be utilized to better engage with customers.

5. Create an Instagram storefront

With Instagram, you can manage your storefront by publishing pictures categorically, along with short descriptions. The comment area connects the seller directly to the buyer for communication.

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