Insta360 Nano Is the Smallest 360-Degree Camera for Your Phone

July 1, 2016

1:15 pm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for all of 2016, you’ve likely seen the advent of virtual reality video and 360-degree camera technology explode onto the scene. You’ve seen promotional videos, tutorial streams and immersive experiences plastered all over social media in an effort to get people excited about products, events, locations, and of course this technological revolution. But when is it our turn? When do every day customers get to use this technology to capture every inch of our world in stunning 360-degree videos? Thanks to one company, it’ll be sooner than you think.

Insta360 has made their new iPhone-compatible camera available for pre-order on their website. The device, dubbed the Insta360 Nano, attaches to iPhones via the Apple Lightning cable and turns your phone into a 360-degree video taking machine. It has two 210-degree fish eye lenses that make it possible to stream in 3K at 30fps while other such cameras are coming in at a paltry 2K.

While having the best 360-degree camera is obviously their goal, Insta360 wants to bring a little fun back into people’s lives. While recording your every move is far from fun, capturing the excitement of life makes things a little more interesting for everyone. And this company is more than willing to put themselves out there to that end.

“We believe, life is short, and people should play more,” said Jingkang Liu, CEO of Insta360 in a statement to Tech.Co. “Specifically, we advocate people exploring their life and creating fun. That’s why we provide such a new technology to change people’s lifestyle. With our product, people can record 360 degree scene, and regain realistic experience.”

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There has been an unusual amount of 360-degree video being put out into the world and this product is finally going to give consumers the chance to get in on the fun. With 70 minutes of battery life and simple share buttons that allow you to put 360-degree videos and immersive pictures on Facebook and other social media pages alike, there will be no telling how the game will change when it comes to capturing life’s exciting moments.

Photos: Insta360

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