Look at All These Hot Guys Supporting Bernie Sanders on Instagram

October 26, 2015

2:00 pm

Do you #feeltheBern? Well, maybe after checking out the new Instagram account MenWhoBern, you may just feel a slight burn – if you’re into hot guys, at least. Created by some genius citizen of the Internet (who presumably has an unquenchable thirst), MenWhoBern aggregates pictures of attractive guys on Instagram who show support for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee hopeful.

In a relatively short time, the Sanders campaign has become renowned for its grassroots movement involving very passionate supporters. This activism has seen the rise of many independent initiatives – online and offline – aimed at pushing the Senator ahead of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party nomination for the 2016 Presidential election. The independently-run MenWhoBern Instagram is just another example of Millennial activism aimed at educating young voters about Sanders.

In a piece titled “Here Comes the Berniebro” a few days ago, The Atlantic writer Robinson Meyer writes a humorous yet critical analysis of the staunch Bernie Sanders supporters in your Facebook network. Most notably, he writes:

“The Berniebro is someone you may only have encountered if you’re somewhat similar to him: white; well-educated; middle-class (or, delicately, “upper middle-class”); and aware of NPR podcasts and jangly bearded bands…[he] was the kind of person who’d show up to a college party in a toga. You remember it maybe being the Berniebro’s profile picture once. (Today, the Berniebro is wearing a blazer in his profile picture, or an open-necked gingham shirt. Or both.)”

MenWhoBern, on the other hand, shows a more diverse group of hot Sanders supporters – and, maybe, it may just help Sanders get the additional support he needs to move past Hillary.

Check out the rest of the MenWhoBern pictures on Instagram.

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