Intel Shows Off Latest Tech Innovations in NYC

April 12, 2010

2:59 pm

This past week I took a trip to New York city to experience some of Intel’s latest technology research and advancements first hand at the Intel Tech Heaven event. The innovations shared a wide range of focus which included: home, hands-free technology, fashion, shopping, communication and social media, health and transportation.

More specifically I experienced demos of the following:

Personalized TV – Intel Labs demonstrated a research prototype that helps you identify TV content across many sources (broadcast, pre-recorded and streaming), as well as discounts and opportunities that fit your interests, goals and daily routine. These recommendations were personalized by automatically tracking your TV viewing patterns, your Internet browsing patterns and your daily activities.

Intel Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof-of-Concept – With a focus on helping to consume energy, this proof-of-concept device powered by the Intel® Atom processor, showed how much energy the home’s appliances are using through a connected home network and provides ongoing information and suggestions for better energy management and conservation. Custom settings even let the user modify the thermostat temperature, turn off appliances or switch on the home security system.

“3D Scanning” with a Digital Camera – This research project shows how photography could be used in the future to allow amateurs to create rich 3D visual content. By simply taking 24 photos or uploading a video the software could create detailed 3D models and life-like avatars.

Virtual Worlds for Fashion – 3D virtual worlds offer a platform for designing apparel with a level of accuracy that is far better than traditional methods without the cost or complexity of 3D CAD tools. Using VWs for fashion design can significantly reduce waste by eliminating the cost and materials needed to create and re-create prototypes until they are correct. The team developed this for “Runway 3.0,” a virtual fashion show featuring fashion and technology.

Hands Free “Understand Me” Technology – The Understand Me project aims to enable a phone to understand the user’s context through
sensing and sense making, and act on that context to help the user.  Through capturing rich data from sensors like accelerometers, audio, location, device usage and heart rate, the phone tries to infer the person’s activity, social interaction and even emotional state.  This is kind of creepy as they are capturing sound from your device, but ultimately reassured me that the sounds are purely data that would not be useful for playback.

Connected Car – This Connected Car demonstration from Intel and Visteon uses the latest automotive infotainment platform based on the Intel Atom processor to show an example of a future in-car experience. As systems in the car increasingly connect to the Internet, a wide range of applications such as Internet radio, navigation, traffic, weather and multi-media managers will come alive. The technology enables high-end graphics and integrated connectivity with iPod*, USB, Bluetooth* and Wi-Fi for over-the-air updates, content streaming and downloads. This platform enables car manufacturers to focus on unique differentiation that will benefit all consumers, such as custom applications and interfaces.

Intel’s Next Generation Atom Processor “Moorestown” – Intel’s small computer platform based on the next generation Atom platform, code name Moorestown, will power handhelds or mobile Internet devices, tablets and smartphones. They showed off two proof-of-concept systems, an Open Peak Tablet and an Aava phone. OpenPeak and AT&T announced last month that they will be shipping a tablet based on Moorestown this year.

Overall, I was impressed with all the innovations but was  most interested in the 3D technology and devices being created in the mobile space on the new Moorestown chip set.

Disclosure: As per the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that Intel my travel expenses to attend this event as part of the Intel Insiders program.

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